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If you are the owner or manager of an independent hotel, resort, inn or bed & breakfast and have asked yourself any of these questions:

  • “How can I get more guests?”
  •  “How can I organize my business so I don’t have to be onsite 24/7?”
  • “How can I find and keep the right employees?”
  •  “How does my hospitality property compare to my competition?

Then the Hospitality Property School is the right place for you.

Jan 8, 2019

It important for potential customers to really like your website because the longer they stay, the higher the chance they will book.

So how do you get them to stay longer?

Welcome to another edition of Hospitality Property School.

I am your instructor, Gerry MacPherson.


Whether you’re overhauling your properties existing website or creating your web presence from scratch, you should understand the crucial elements of a clean and functional website so that it looks honest, professional, and well-designed.


I am going to look at 22 details you should consider when designing your website.



A website should be easy to use

If visitors are confused when looking at your website it will be a great way to dissuade them from making their booking decision.

Ensuring your website is easy to navigate around will keep your visitors on your site for longer and increase the chances of conversion. Test the ease of use yourself by seeing how many clicks it takes for you to find a piece of information, such as your room descriptions or your list of facilities – if it’s more than three clicks, it’s probably too many.



Your homepage

First impressions count. You have less than 15 seconds to impress a visitor when they hit your website for the first time.

Your website needs to build trust and show a user that you’re professional. You also have to make it clear that every piece of information can be found on your properties website, in an uncluttered way.



The about us page

The ‘About Us’ section is the perfect place to tell your story, explaining why you love to host your guests, the kind of experience your property offers them, the history of your property, the local attractions, and a way to introduce your team.



Delightful images

You only have to look at the statistics surrounding Instagram to realise how powerful images have become.

Delightful imagery is more than just a passing trend, and hoteliers are well-placed to make the most of their aspirational surroundings.



Quality content

Content is king’ and your website needs lots of it.

Interesting content helps to keep your prospective guests on your website longer. Content increases the rate of conversion, especially if it’s authentic, accurate, and informative.

Ideas include:

  • detailed descriptions of your rooms and other facilities
  • local attractions
  • history of your hotel
  • an up-to-date blog
  • guest reviews
  • your bar
  • dining room
  • spa




Information about your rooms, rates, facilities and amenities, room availability, contact details, your location and proximity to attractions, and things to do, to name just a few. Most of this information is viewed as standard, but your property can stand out from the competition by going that extra mile and supplying a comprehensive guide to what’s offered locally.


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