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Hello and Welcome to Hospitality Property School.

If you are the owner or manager of an independent hotel, resort, inn or bed & breakfast and have asked yourself any of these questions:

  • “How can I get more guests?”
  •  “How can I organize my business so I don’t have to be onsite 24/7?”
  • “How can I find and keep the right employees?”
  •  “How does my hospitality property compare to my competition?

Then the Hospitality Property School is the right place for you.

Jul 9, 2019

Do you like getting things for free?

Well, today is your lucky day, I’m giving away free copies of our new ebooks.


If you own or operate or would like to own or operate an independent hotel, resort, inn or bed and breakfast you have the opportunity to get access to a free copy of


How to Open & Operate a Bed...

Jul 2, 2019

Efficiently managing rates and availability while watching on all the different key performance markers takes training and talent.

You need to understand revenue management and I’m here to guide you.



Your guest room is a perishable product.


For this reason, pricing and customer happiness remain an extremely...

Jun 25, 2019

Employees that are motivated, satisfied and have great morale = happy guests = more profit.

Ongoing training and development will help you reach this goal.

Regular training equips your employees with the knowledge and skills that are required to carry out their duties proficiently.


It is not just important for your...

Jun 18, 2019


Is your hotel, resort, inn or bed & breakfast consuming and wasting resources? If so, you’re losing money.

I’m going to show you how you can turn that around.

Without an environmental program in place, hospitality properties are falling behind the times and may be losing business from customers who book using this...

Jun 11, 2019

Are you happy if your hotel, resort, inn or bed and breakfast is doing so-so?

A sure-fire way to help your business grow is to train your employees and I’m going to show you how.


Training can improve employee morale, business performance, help increase your profits and if you have a properly organized system, you...